Barbeque Fire Safety Tips

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Staying Safe This Summer Barbeque fire safety tips for the Summer from Element PFP. It sits at the back of the garden, the shed, or the garage for what feels like most of the year – the humble barbeque. As the weather finally improves and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations kick into full swing, millions of…

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Preventing Fire – Six Signs Your Property is at Risk

Element PFP Preventing Fire Blog

Looking out for potential causes of fire Here at Element PFP, preventing fire is our speciality. However, there are clear things to look out for when making fire safety checks at your premises. Here are six clear signs your property is at risk of fire, and how to fix them. Faulty power sockets and switches…

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What is Fire Compartmentation?

Element PFP Blog March Fire Compartmentation

You may have heard the term before, but what is fire compartmentation? What does it relate to and how does it affect your business? According to the FPA (Fire Protection Association), fire compartmentation is: “A building or part of a building comprising one or more rooms, spaces or storeys constructed to prevent the spread of…

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Intumescent Materials: A Physics Lesson in Firestopping

Intumescent Materials Atomic Structure

Cavity barriers, intumescent paint, intumescent strips, downlighter hoods. If you’ve had fire-stopping materials fitted into your building, then your installers may have mentioned some of these words to you. But what are intumescent materials that are being added into your building, and how do they work? February’s blog is all about the science behind the…

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Festive Fire Safety: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Open fireplace fire hazard

Christmas is just around the corner! We’ve all been looking forward to a Christmas break where we can let our hair down and enjoy the festive period – it’s important to keep fire safety in mind! Here’s a few festive safety tips from Element PFP to help keep you and your family safe this Christmas.…

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7 Candle Safety Tips to Remember This Winter

tealight lit fire hazard

Did you know 800 fires last year were caused by candles? Here are 7 tips to improve candle safety in your home or workplace. 7 Candle Safety Tips As the darker nights approach faster, you might relax in the evenings with some indoor scented candles or tealights. Candles are great for making your home smell…

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The Fire Safety Bill Explained

Man writing important fire safety documents

2021 Fire Safety Bill Explained In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Fire Safety Bill was granted Royal Assent earlier in April this year. The fire legislation had not been changed since the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order from 2005. The overdue legal changes to fire safety regulations were implemented following Dame Judith…

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Fire Door Safety Week – Are You Protected?

Fire Door Installation Element Passive Fire Protection

It’s Fire Door Safety Week from the 20th-26th September, and as national fire protection specialists, Element PFP wants to reassert our stance of raising awareness of the essential role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting commercial, public, and residential properties. Every year, Fire Door Safety Week endeavours to encourage organisations to have…

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CBRE & Astrazenica Case Study

Fire Door installation at Element Passive Fire Protection

Compartmentation Fire Protection feedback “I just wanted to send some feedback on the guys service so far, as I think it’s quite important to share both the positive, and negatives. I know you have had to deal with a lot of logistical complications with the commencement of a recent project with CBRE, and I have nothing…

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The Most Common Workplace Fire Risks

Fire Alarm and Flames

Whilst we may all be enjoying the recent scorching heatwave right now, as well as our sun hat, Element PFP are always wearing our fire protection hat too! So with that in mind, here are the most common workplace fire risks to take heed of this summer. From all-season fire hazards, to fire risks that…

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