Fire Protection Services



The Importance of Fire Protection Services

Did You Know?

In the financial year 2019 to 2020, there were 2295 formal notices issued to businesses that were found to be non-compliant with fire regulations.

Did You Know?

In that year as a whole, including both formal and informal notices issued, there was a huge 8350 notices issued for non-compliance with fire regulations.

That's just under 9000 buildings to be found as non-compliant to fire safety regulations.

Trying to organize fire protection without the involvement of a third-party accredited company can place huge responsibilities on the Responsible Person, highly jeopardises safety, and can damage the reputation of the business. That's why it's highly recommended that you choose a third-party accredited professional fire protection company.

Our Fire Protection Services

Certification OMs Element Passive Fire Protection

Certification and O&M's

We are a third party accredited company who can issue your business with the correct legal certification, so that you're covered. Click here to read more.

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Fire Safety Assessment


Compartmentation Surveys to help run a fire strategy and evacuation plan, to optimise safety as much as possible

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Workplace Fire Prevention Element Passive Fire Protection

Fire Door Installation

We offer high-quality fire door installation carried out by our experienced and professional team.

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Pencil fire risk assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

We conduct thorough fire risk assessments to help cover your business' basic legal requirements for legitimate operation.

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hand stopping dominoes falling representing protection from disaster fire stopping

Passive Fire Protection

We are passive fire protection specialists, with third-party accreditation.

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Workplace Fire Prevention | Office Space

Pre/Post Fire Consultancy

We offer both pre and post fire consultancy. This allows us to get a full understanding of your building's requirements.

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Why Element PFP for your Fire Protection Services?

Element PFP are trained specialists within the field of passive fire protection. We are award-winning, and the results speak for themselves. Read about fire remedial works we've carried out for our clients.

Here's why Element PFP are a top choice for your fire protection services:

  • We've worked with a range of clientele, in various sizes of buildings across the country. Read our success stories here.
  • We've got third-party accreditation from major organisations in the industry such as CHAS and the Fire Protection Association, and IFC.
  • We are professional, compliant and work to a high standard. All fire remedial works including fire door installations are completed to the manufacturing standard.
  • We use a thorough system that makes your job as the Responsible Person so much easier. You can manage, document, inspect and regulate any fire compartmentation, risk assessment, or changes implemented using the Bolster Sytems application.
  • We offer a wide range of fire protection services, including fire compartmentation surveys, fire risk assessments, professional fire protection, and much more!

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