Passive Fire Protection Services

Our Passive Fire Protection Services

Here at Element Fire Protection, we offer a range of fire protection services to offer you, your business and your premises complete peace of mind. Find out more about each of our fire protection services below:

Fire Safety Services

Our fire safety services include pre-construction consultancy, fire strategy creation and fire safety signage.

Fire Risk Assessments

We make sure your building is up to standard, identifying any risks at an early stage and creating fire strategies.

Fire Stopping Surveys

Our expert team carry out compartmentation surveys and fire door surveys, identifying any fore safety risks.

Fire Stopping Installation

Our professional fire-stopping installation services are designed to safeguard your safety and protect your building,

Fire Door Installation

From the installation of fire doors, repairs, maintenance and servicing, we offer all the fire door services.

Post Installation Inspections

We specialize in post installation inspections for fire doors and provide aftercare services for passive fire protection.

Why You Need Passive Fire Protection?

The primary function of passive fire protection is to prevent the passage of fire and smoke within a fire compartment of a building that has been divided up into manageable areas of risk for a defined period of time (Fire Strategy), which typically ranges from 30 minutes up to 4 hours, this to allow time for occupants to escape and to provide a safe means of access for firefighters.

Compartmentation of a building is defined by the fire strategy created in line with the build/construction code followed, this fire rating does not only apply to the compartment itself but also to any services that may pass through the compartment, horizontally or vertically, imperfections in construction build, as well as any opening, such as doors, windows or hatchways.

Passive Fire Protection services is a generalisation that covers a wide range of services, of which Element Passive Fire Protection provide an array of accredited services.

Element Passive Fire Protection fire exit sign

Element Passive Fire Protection offer a comprehensive range of third party accredited services within passive fire protection

The term ‘Fire Protection’ is generally broken down into two classifications; ‘Passive’ and Active’.

Passive Fire Protection services are sometimes defined as ‘built-in’ fire protection, this originates from the installation process whereby components, materials and systems are used that combine to make up or sit within the fabric of a building. The differentiation between ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ is that passive fire protection measures do not require any special energisation or control signal to function.

Read more about passive fire safety.

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Fire Safety Specialist Certifications & Memberships

As one of the UK's leading expert fire protection consultants, we believe that you should be able to know that you are working with a creditable and respectable company. As such, we are proud to display our various 3rd-party Fire Safety accreditations and certifications. If you would like to know more about our certifications and memberships, then please feel free to contact us today.

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