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Services Provided

Fire Compartmentation Surveys, Fire Stopping Installation & Fire Door Remedial

Service Overview

Element, a trusted supplier of fire protection services for Novus/Whitbread, was chosen to perform critical fire safety assessments and installations at Premier Inn London Southwark Tate Modern after major refurbishment works. The main objective was to identify and eliminate potential fire risks associated with the creation of new entry points for smoke and fire during these renovations. Element began the project by conducting thorough Fire Compartmentation Surveys, and meticulously inspecting the premises to identify any vulnerabilities in the fire containment systems. With their expertise and certified team, Element executed precise Fire Stopping Installations to effectively seal all potential entry points, ensuring enhanced fire resistance and protection throughout the building.

In addition, Element carried out essential Fire Door Remedial works to ensure compliance with regulations and guarantee the ability of fire doors to safeguard the occupants within the premises. By addressing fire door maintenance and ensuring their proper functionality, Element significantly improved the overall fire safety measures at Premier Inn.

Throughout the project, Element placed a high priority on the safety of the occupants and the property, demonstrating a proactive and professional approach. Their comprehensive fire protection services, coupled with their adherence to industry standards, left Premier Inn well-prepared to handle any potential fire incidents, instilling confidence in the safety of their guests and staff. Element’s contribution to improving fire safety at Premier Inn is a testament to its commitment to excellence and dedication to safeguarding lives and property within the hospitality industry.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Fire Stopping Installation
  • Fire Door Remedial

Challenges Faced

During the project, Element encountered significant challenges while conducting fire protection services at a bustling and renowned hotel. The hotel’s busy and popular nature demanded constant and effective communication with the clients to meticulously plan the timing of the work and identify suitable access points. Balancing the hotel’s daily operations with the implementation of essential fire protection measures required careful coordination and flexibility. Element’s team had to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the hotel’s schedule to ensure minimal disruption to guests and staff while adhering to strict timelines. Through proactive communication and collaboration with the clients, Element successfully navigated these challenges, ensuring the seamless execution of the project and bolstering the hotel’s fire safety measures to protect both its occupants and the property.

Outside Premier Inn at London Southwark
Inside Premier Inn at London Southwark
Outside Premier Inn at London Southwark

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