Certifications & O&M's

Certifications & O&M's are a crucial aspect of fire safety and providing evidence that your fire protection is fully compliant. Element Passive Fire Protection is a third-party accredited company under IFC that can issue a 'Certification' document to you.

This certification, provided by IFC, is accredited by UKAS and guarantees that all fire protection installations completed onsite by us are fully compliant with manufacturer standards. By obtaining this certification, you can rest assured that we take full accountability for the work we do, and you receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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O&M's are a legal requirement for contractors to issue you, the client, a site completion file of all fire protection works carried out to the building and any associated documents.

This is for record-keeping but also assists with ongoing fire protection maintenance of the building. The O&M files are to remain onsite for the lifetime of the building and include things such as Fire Strategy, Survey Reports, Third-Party Certification, Risk Assessments and much more!

Benefits of Certifications & O&M's

When it comes to fire protection, certifications and operational & maintenance (O&M) plans stand as cornerstones of safeguarding both property and lives. From a fire protection perspective, certifications validate the integrity and efficacy of passive fire protection (PFP) systems, ensuring their ability to withstand the onslaught of fire and compartmentalize hazards, thus minimizing the spread and intensity of blazes. These certifications, often granted by accredited bodies, attest to the adherence of PFP systems to stringent industry standards and protocols.

How Certifications & O&M's Benefit Businesses

Business owners reap substantial benefits from procuring Certification & O&M's plans for their PFP systems. Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements not only enhances the safety of their premises but also mitigates potential legal liabilities arising from fire incidents.

Moreover, certifications boost property values, instill confidence among tenants and customers, and strengthen the overall reputation of the business. On the operational front, O&M plans provide clear guidelines for the routine maintenance and inspection of PFP systems, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. This proactive approach not only minimizes the risk of fire-related equipment failures but also reduces downtime and associated costs.

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Certification & O&M's FAQ's

All of our fire stopping installation work is IFC certified and we have many other certifications including ASFP, Constructionline Gold, CHAS, Builders Profile Premium, IFSM, Safe Contractor, FPA and ISO.

You will receive an IFC certificate after the Fire Stopping Installations are completed and a full O&M manual.

You can contact us by emailing enquiries@element-pfp.co.uk, giving us a call at 0116 467 0387 or using our contact form. We will discuss the services you need for your building and email you a quote, typically within 1-2 business days.

Fire Safety Specialist Certifications & Memberships

As one of the UK's leading expert fire protection consultants, we believe that you should be able to know that you are working with a creditable and respectable company. As such, we are proud to display our various 3rd-party Fire Safety accreditations and certifications. If you would like to know more about our certifications and memberships, then please feel free to contact us today.

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