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The installation of fire doors is critical for commercial fire safety. The aim with fire doors and general fire protection is to put measures in place that in the event of a fire would contain it to a particular compartment or room, giving occupants enough time to escape and the fire service enough time to enter the building and tackle the fire.

If you're concerned about your current fire doors, or you're aware that you are due for a fire door inspection - we offer a fire door survey service. We will individually identify and inspect your fire doors and record any defects on the Bolster System. The system will record locations of your fire doors, what action is required, before and after photos of the work and a reminder of when the next inspection is needed.

Furthermore, if required, Element PFP will provide a professional and certified fire door installation service for your premises.

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Our Fire Door Installation Service

From fire door installations, repairs, maintenance and servicing, we can offer you the exact service you need for your fire door requirements.

Our fire door surveyors and installers can provide you with options, from showcasing a range of fire doors that would be best suited for your premises, as well as arranging the installation of the fire doors when it is convenient for your business or operation.

Can anyone install a Fire Door?

When it comes to fire door installations, it is vital that only those who are competent and skilled take responsibility for fitting fire doors, and understand the obligatory fitting and maintenance requirements surrounding fire doors installations.

A badly installed fire doors might only provide 5 – 10 minutes of protection, for that reason it is advisable to arrange a fire door installation with a certified and professional fire safety and fire protection company, such as Element PFP.

Why choose us for a Fire Door Installation

Our expert fire door installation team are available to help you with a secure, safe and expert service to give you peace of mind when it comes to your fire door installation.

For fire door installations in Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, and the rest of the UK, get in touch with Element PFP today.

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