Fire Compartmentation Survey

If you're a commercial building owner or landlord, you'll need a fire compartmentation survey completed. This ensures all aspects of the building are fire safe.

What is a fire compartmentation survey?

'Compartmentation' means splitting up your building into manageable sections. The building is separated into its logical compartments, and passive fire protection is tailored to each compartment.


A fire compartmentation survey is required so that any fire remedial works and passive fire protection can be carried out. Read more about our Passive Fire Protection Services by Element PFP. 

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Why choose Element PFP for your survey?

Element PFP is your experienced passive fire safety specialist. Our team of highly trained installers and surveyors is on hand to offer their knowledge and expertise. We don't just supply cookie-cutter surveys. We understand that every building and those responsible for it are unique, so we will always ensure we create a bespoke survey that is rigorous.

All of our fire compartmentation surveys are detailed and up to code. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, with packages always perfectly suited to you.

By choosing Element PFP you can depend on the fact we are:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Compliant with UK Fire Regulations
  • Third-Party Accredited


We are Element PFP and we are here to help. Whether it's fire safety advice, arranging a fire door survey, or you'd like some fire remedial works carried out on your premises, Enquire today!

Learn more about the Bolster System which we work to.

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Fire door surveys with Element PFP

We also offer separate or combined fire door surveys for your premises.  Whether you're concerned about your current fire doors, or you're aware that you are due for a fire door inspection. We will individually identify all fire doors, and conduct thorough fire door checks. We record any defects using the Bolster System.