Abbots Oak Manor

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June 2023

Services Provided

Pre & Post Refurbishment FRA, Fire Compartmentation & Fire Door Survey

Service Overview

Ophelia Homes Limited recently acquired a hotel property and embarked on an extensive refurbishment project to enhance its facilities and guest experience. As part of their commitment to fire safety, they entrusted us with a critical task: conducting a Pre-Fire Risk Assessment of the entire building before the refurbishment work could proceed. Our expert team meticulously examined every aspect of the property, identifying potential fire safety risks and vulnerabilities.

Following the completion of the refurbishment, Ophelia Homes Limited recognized the importance of addressing any potential fire safety concerns that may have arisen during the works. Therefore, they requested our expertise to carry out a Post Fire Risk Assessment. Our diligent assessment involved identifying and remedying any fire safety risks created by other services during the refurbishment. By undertaking this assessment, we ensured that the building was fully protected and compliant with the highest fire safety standards.

The collaboration between Ophelia Homes Limited and our team exemplifies a proactive approach to fire safety. Our Pre-Fire Risk Assessment allowed the refurbishment project to proceed with a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards and necessary preventive measures. Additionally, the Post Fire Risk Assessment showcased our commitment to thoroughly addressing any risks introduced during the refurbishment process.

Project Particulars

  • Pre-Fire Risk Assessment
  • Post-Fire Risk Assessment
  • IFC Accredited Firestopping

Challenges Faced

During our project, we faced numerous challenges that required us to navigate complex dynamics. The building was undergoing a significant refurbishment, which meant we had to work closely with other contractors involved. This required clear communication and coordination to ensure a smooth workflow. Additionally, the building’s Grade 2 status, due to its unique structure and historical background, presented additional obstacles. We had to be extra careful and implement strict measures when carrying out our fire safety works, taking into consideration the building’s historical significance. Our team diligently identified potential fire risks while keeping the building’s rich history in mind. We used specialized approaches to ensure the preservation of the structure while enhancing its fire safety. By successfully overcoming these challenges, we demonstrated our ability to adapt and provide effective fire safety solutions while respecting the historical integrity of the building.

Outside of Abbots Oak Manor in Coalville
Abbots Oak Manor in Coalville
Outside of Abbots Oak Manor in Coalville

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