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January 2023 - May 2023

Services Provided

Fire Compartmentation Survey, Fire Door Survey, Fire Stopping Installation & Fire Door Installation

Service Overview

Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, enlisted the expertise of KDM Shopfitting to carry out a significant refurbishment project within one of their buildings. The refurbishment required meticulous attention to fire safety, prompting the collaboration with Element. Our role in the project involved conducting comprehensive Fire Door and Fire Compartmentation surveys across the building to identify potential fire safety risks. Subsequently, We were entrusted with carrying out essential Fire Stopping Installations and Fire Door Installations to ensure the building adhered to fire safety regulations and provided robust protection for its occupants.

The refurbishment project undertaken by KDM Shopfitting at Amazon’s building demanded strict adherence to fire safety standards. Element’s involvement in the project centered around conducting two vital surveys: Fire Door survey to assess the integrity and effectiveness of existing fire doors, and Fire Compartmentation survey to evaluate the building’s fire containment measures. Based on the survey findings, Element undertook Fire Stopping Installations to seal openings and gaps within fire-resistant barriers, preventing fire and smoke from spreading. Additionally, Element carried out precise Fire Door Installations, ensuring that all fire doors were up to standard and capable of providing essential fire protection.

Element’s diligent Fire Door and Fire Compartmentation surveys provided invaluable insights into the building’s fire safety status. By identifying potential fire safety risks, Element enabled KDM Shopfitting and Amazon to address any deficiencies proactively. Through the seamless execution of Fire Stopping Installations, Element bolstered the building’s fire resistance capabilities, effectively containing fires and minimizing their impact. Moreover, the precise Fire Door Installations conducted by Element ensured that the building’s occupants could rely on robust fire doors for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Fire Door Survey
  • Fire Stopping Installation
  • Fire Door Installation

Challenges Faced

During the course of the project, we encountered several challenges that demanded careful planning and constant communication. The building being a distribution center operating 24/7 presented a unique obstacle as our fire safety works had to be carried out while the facility’s daily operations continued uninterrupted. This required seamless coordination with the management team to ascertain the specific working hours and areas where we could safely access for our assessments and installations. Consistent communication with the management team was paramount to ensure the safety of both our team and the facility’s staff during our operations. Adapting our work schedule to align with the distribution center’s round-the-clock activities and strategically accessing different areas presented logistical complexities. Nevertheless, through effective collaboration and open lines of communication, we successfully navigated these challenges, enabling us to implement necessary fire safety measures while minimizing disruptions to the distribution center’s vital operations.

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