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October 2022 - November 2022

Services Provided

Fire Door Survey, Fire Door Maintenance & Remedial Works

Service Overview

The importance of fire safety at Greenwood Academies Trust was recognized by the educational institution, who enlisted the expertise of Element. A comprehensive Fire Door Survey was conducted at Bramble Academy in London to assess the condition and functionality of fire doors, with the aim of meeting stringent fire safety regulations. Element’s team of specialists carried out meticulous surveys and prompt remedial works to enhance fire safety standards and safeguard the well-being of the academy’s students and staff.

Element’s experienced fire safety professionals undertook a thorough inspection of the fire doors at Bramble Academy, conducting detailed assessments of each door’s construction, seals, hardware, and overall integrity. This helped to identify potential weaknesses or non-compliance with fire safety standards, and provided crucial insights into the current state of fire doors, which enabled the formulation of effective remedial strategies.

Remedial works were promptly undertaken by Element to address any identified deficiencies and ensure that the fire doors were brought up to the required standard. Skilled technicians meticulously repaired or replaced damaged components, adjusted misaligned doors, and upgraded door hardware as needed. Essential maintenance tasks, such as lubrication and testing of door-closing mechanisms, were also conducted to guarantee optimal functionality and longevity.

Greenwood Academies Trust’s commitment to ensuring the highest level of fire safety compliance was evident in their engagement with Element’s services. The collaborative efforts between the trust and Element not only ensured that the fire doors were in excellent condition, but also provided reassurance to all stakeholders, including students, staff, parents, and regulatory authorities, that the academy was well-prepared to handle any fire-related emergencies.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Door Survey
  • Fire Door Maintenance
  • Fire Door Remedial Works

Challenges Faced

Throughout our project, we faced a significant challenge as the school was always busy. It was crucial to maintain consistent communication with the university to coordinate our work effectively. We had to ensure that everyone had a clear understanding of the start times, restrictions, and other logistical aspects to minimize disruptions to the daily activities of the residents. By proactively addressing these challenges, we were able to seamlessly integrate our fire safety enhancements with the daily operations of the school. This allowed us to provide a secure learning environment for the students while minimizing any inconveniences.

Outside of Bramble Academy
Outside of Bramble Academy
Outside of Bramble Academy

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