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Fire Strategy Creation, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Compartmentation Survey, Fire Door Survey, Fire Stopping Installation & Fire Door Installation

Service Overview

The Ascot, a renowned hotelier with a global presence, approached us with a critical task – to ensure fire safety compliance across their diverse portfolio of hotels in the United Kingdom. The objective was to safeguard the well-being of their guests and staff in the event of a fire outbreak. In response to their request, our team devised a comprehensive Fire Strategy and conducted a thorough Fire Risk Assessment across all properties. This initial step allowed us to identify potential fire safety risks and design a robust strategy to address them effectively.

To accomplish the fire safety compliance goal, we executed a multi-stage approach. The first phase involved a meticulous Fire Compartmentation and Fire Door Survey, which enabled us to pinpoint areas in each hotel that required remedial work to align with fire safety regulations. Identifying potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the fire compartmentation was crucial in mitigating the risk of fire spread throughout the buildings.

After the survey phase, we promptly proceeded with Fire Stopping Installation works and Fire Door Installations. Our team ensured that all the necessary fire safety measures were put in place, adhering to the strictest regulations. The Fire Stopping Installation work involved sealing off penetrations and gaps to inhibit fire from spreading beyond the designated compartments. Additionally, we installed fire-resistant doors in key areas to provide secure fire exits and contain potential fire outbreaks effectively.

By conducting a comprehensive Fire Strategy, Risk Assessment, and subsequent Fire Compartmentation and Fire Door Surveys, our team successfully enabled The Ascot’s UK hotel portfolio to achieve exceptional fire safety compliance. Our diligent efforts in executing Fire Stopping Installation works and Fire Door Installations fortified the hotels’ ability to protect their occupants in the event of a fire. The Ascot can now rest assured that their properties meet and exceed the necessary fire safety regulations, underscoring their commitment to the safety and well-being of their guests and staff.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Strategy Creation
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Fire Door Survey
  • Fire Stopping Installation
  • Fire Door Installation

Challenges Faced

Throughout the project, we encountered significant challenges while coordinating our fire safety services in alignment with the live operational hotels, all while prioritizing the comfort and safety of the guests. The foremost hurdle was to strategize and implement our fire safety initiatives without causing any substantial disruptions to the hotel’s daily operations. Our team had to work meticulously, often during off-peak hours, to carry out fire risk assessments, fire compartmentation surveys, fire door installations, and fire stopping works. Maintaining clear communication with hotel management and staff was essential to synchronize our efforts seamlessly. We had to adapt our schedules and procedures to ensure minimal interference with the guests’ experience while simultaneously ensuring that the critical fire safety compliance measures were effectively implemented. Despite these challenges, our unwavering dedication to delivering superior fire safety compliance solutions enabled us to overcome obstacles and successfully complete the project, earning The Ascot’s satisfaction and trust in our capabilities.

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