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November 2022

Services Provided

Fire Compartmentation Survey & Fire Stopping Installation

Service Overview

Novis Property Solutions embarked on a large-scale refurbishment program to revitalize a historically significant building. Recognizing the importance of fire safety in such a project, Novis Property Solutions engaged our expertise to conduct a comprehensive assessment of fire safety risks. The objective was to ensure the integration of effective fire safety measures in line with the building’s historic background while addressing potential issues arising from new service installations completed during the refurbishment.

Our involvement in the project covered a dual focus – the preservation of the building’s historical features and the incorporation of modern fire safety standards. The refurbishment program involved the addition of new service installations, which presented an opportunity to enhance fire safety measures. However, it also posed the risk of introducing potential fire hazards if not properly managed. Element’s experienced team was tasked with identifying fire safety risks associated with both the historic elements and the new installations.

Element’s fire safety experts conducted a thorough assessment to identify fire risks, taking into account the building’s historical significance and the implications of new service installations. The team developed a tailored fire safety strategy that integrated modern fire protection measures without compromising the building’s heritage value. Fire-rated materials were carefully selected to blend in with the building’s aesthetics, ensuring fire resistance without detracting from its historic charm. Additionally, innovative fire detection and suppression systems were strategically installed to enhance fire safety capabilities while minimizing visual impact.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Fire Stopping Installation

Challenges Faced

During the course of the project, we encountered several challenges that required careful planning and flexibility. Conducting fire protection works outside of normal operating hours was essential to minimize disruption to the superstore’s daily operations. This necessitated close coordination with the store management to determine suitable times for conducting the works while ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and our team. Additionally, the logistical aspect of restocking the superstore during our working hours posed an additional challenge. We had to adapt our work schedule to accommodate the restocking activities, ensuring that our operations did not hinder the flow of goods and services within the store. Through effective communication, collaboration, and strategic planning, we successfully navigated these challenges and executed the fire protection works with minimal disruption, ultimately enhancing the safety measures of the superstore while maintaining its smooth operations.

Preserving the building’s historical background while ensuring modern fire safety presented a unique challenge. Element had to strike a delicate balance between preserving the building’s character and implementing necessary fire safety upgrades. Additionally, coordinating with the refurbishment team and other contractors to address fire safety concerns without disrupting the overall project timeline required seamless collaboration and communication.

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