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Services Provided

Fire Compartmentation Survey, Intrusive Fire Compartmentation Survey, Fire Remedial Works & Fire Barrier Installation

Service Overview

To address concerns about fire safety, the Girls Day School Trust (GDST) hired Element to conduct a comprehensive fire compartmentation survey at their facility. The project included standard and intrusive surveys to identify potential fire hazards in the building. Our team meticulously surveyed each room, carefully examining for any breaches in fire compartmentation. In some cases, intrusive surveys were necessary to inspect solid walls hidden behind ceiling panelling to ensure no potential hazards were missed.

After completing the survey, Element quickly implemented Fire Stopping Remedial Works and Fire Barrier Installations as part of their holistic approach to fire safety. Their team of experts expertly remediated any identified risks, significantly enhancing the building’s fire resistance and protection capabilities. This critical step played a key role in safeguarding lives and securing the building in case of a fire.

The partnership between GDST and Element demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fire safety. By taking proactive measures, the organization displayed its dedication to providing a safe and secure environment for its occupants. With Element’s help, GDST successfully reinforced its fire safety measures, improving its preparedness and responsiveness to potential emergencies. This case study shows the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in ensuring the utmost protection of lives and property against fire hazards.

Project Particulars

  • Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Intrusive Fire Compartmentation Survey
  • Firestopping Remedial Works
  • Fire Barrier Installation
  • IFC Accredited Firestopping

Challenges Faced

During our project, we encountered several significant challenges that demanded meticulous planning and coordination. First and foremost, we had to contend with the limitation that work could only be undertaken during holiday periods, strategically scheduled around school bookings. This constraint required precise scheduling to maximize productivity within the restricted time frames. Additionally, the building’s Grade 2 listed status imposed strict regulations on the extent of remediation possible, necessitating close collaboration with a conservation officer to ensure compliance with heritage preservation guidelines.

One of the most intricate challenges we faced involved the presence of bats within the roof space, where fire barriers were required for safety compliance. To address this, we collaborated closely with ecologists to devise a seamless engineering solution. This collaboration ensured the bats’ protection while simultaneously fulfilling the safety requirements, underscoring the importance of harmonizing ecological considerations with technical demands. Through effective communication and teamwork, we successfully navigated these obstacles and achieved a remarkable outcome, completing the project within the designated time frames while upholding conservation and safety standards.

Outside of Royal High School Bath
Inside of Royal High School Bath
Outside of Royal High School Bath

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