CBRE & Astrazenica Case Study

By chameleon

13 August 2021

Compartmentation Fire Protection feedback

“I just wanted to send some feedback on the guys service so far, as I think it’s quite important to share both the positive, and negatives.

I know you have had to deal with a lot of logistical complications with the commencement of a recent project with CBRE, and I have nothing but positive words to say! 

I have worked alongside two of your teams now, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience in dealing with both of them. 

Whilst your teams are completing different works, their general attitude towards their work, people they work with, and the environment that they work within has remained consistently positive. 

The teams are respectful of the environment in which they work, and are considerate to the building users. They are also rare in the fact that they are following the Covid19 rules in place around the building without question. 

When teams arrive on site, they arrive on time, deal with the paperwork which is required of them and set off to work. 

Quality of their work seems a particular concentration of the lads (which is refreshing) Just now, they had a problem, and they spoke to me about it, thought up a plan, and spent a considerable amount of time ensuring the very best finish given their options. 

Your team clean after themselves as they go, and pay particular attention to their health and safety requirements.

Your teams have also only ever shown themselves to work in a collaborative manner alongside CBRE- as noted by myself and Matthew Fairey who oversaw one of your teams last weekend. 

I just wanted you to know that they are an absolute pleasure to oversee. 

Many thanks for all your assistance. I really appreciate working alongside good quality contractors.”

Kind regards, 

Stacey Fairey

Fire Door installation at Element Passive Fire Protection