What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

By chameleon

23 May 2024

Imagine a structure that is separated into areas that are fireproof. These sections, also known as compartments, are made to keep fires contained to a certain region and stop them from spreading to other parts of the building. A fire compartmentation survey is a vital tool for making sure this important fire protection feature is operating as intended.

What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey? someone filling out a survey

What Does a Fire Compartmentation Survey Do?

This survey is an in-depth examination of your building’s fire barriers. The walls, floors, ceilings, and any penetrations—such as pipes or cables—that go through these barriers will all be inspected by surveyors. Finding any flaws that can jeopardise fire compartmentation is their main objective.

What the survey usually includes:

Overall state of the fire compartments: This involves inspecting the walls, floors, and ceilings for damage, gaps, and cracks.

Fire seals: For compartmentation, fire doors and the seals surrounding service penetrations are essential. They will be evaluated and their compliance with fire resistance standards will be confirmed by the survey.

Fire dampers: These are ventilation duct-mounted automated shutters that close when a fire starts to stop the spread of smoke and flames. Their correct installation and operation will be confirmed by the survey.

Why Get a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

A fire compartmentation survey is crucial for a number of reasons:

Fire safety compliance: To guarantee adherence to fire safety requirements, building laws frequently call for routine compartmentation surveys.

Enhanced fire safety: A breached compartment may cause a fire to spread more quickly. The survey assists in locating and fixing flaws, improving your building’s fire safety.

Peace of mind: Building owners, managers, and tenants might feel more at ease knowing that the compartments in their building are operating effectively.

Why Get a Fire Compartmentation Survey? a professional completing a survey

What Happens After the Survey?

Once the compartmentation survey has been completed, a comprehensive report detailing the surveyor’s findings will be sent. This report will contain the following information:

  • Found gaps or vulnerabilities in the compartmentation
  • Suggestions for maintenance or corrective actions
  • Any risks or fire hazards found during the survey

You can make sure your building’s fire compartments work as intended and save lives and property in the event of a fire by taking care of the faults found in the survey.

Considering a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

A fire compartmentation survey is a prudent investment in fire safety for building owners and managers. It can assist you in recognising any difficulties and taking action before they worsen. Get in touch or call us at Element PFP today for further details about fire compartmentation surveys and get one booked for yourself.

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