Workplace Fire Prevention

What Are The Fire Risks Within a Workplace and How Can You Minimise Them?

Indoor Workplace Fire Prevention or in Office Spaces

  • Paper. One of the most common and major fire risks in the office as it is highly flammable and regularly kept in large quantities. To avoid paper fires, we recommend you to recycle often or go paperless wherever possible. Where this isn’t possible, keep your paper stocked in a cool place and organised manner.
  • Electrical Devices. One of the most obvious and detrimental fire risks, especially when kept your devices are kept in poor condition. They are known to spark and ignite at any given moment. For these reasons it's crucial, and compulsory by law, to have up-to-date PAT tests on all electrical supplies and devices. Sensible storage and positioning of electrics are, similarly, key to workplace fire prevention.
  • Poor Compartmentation/ Unsuitable Fire Doors. Fire doors are an indispensable part in the prevention of spreading fires. They are a major factor in minimising damages from workplace fires. We offer multiple fire door services to ensure that your business is safeguarded by functional and reliable fire doors.
Workplace Fire Prevention | Office Space
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Fire Prevention in Factory Spaces

  • Overheating and/or sparking machinery. It's extremely important to keep machinery in a well-maintained condition in industrial working environments. Machinery should be regularly checked and afforded a suitable rest period between usage. As always, appropriate health and safety procedures must be followed to ensure workplace fire prevention. We, therefore, recommend regular fire risk assessments to designate your ideal locations to conduct explosive and heated work, like welding and fabricating.
  • Flammable Substances. Flammable chemicals and liquids pose a unique fire hazard to factory workplaces, especially considering the large-scale volumes they are stored in. It is vital that they are kept in an appropriately cool and secure locations to minimise the risk of exposing them to combustible sources. 

Outdoor Workplace Fire Prevention

  • Materials. The key element of outdoor workspaces is to ensure the correct storage of potentially combustible materials. Packaging materials or wooden pallets, for example, should be disposed of quickly or stored in clear designated spaces. Hot weather, alongside accidents and arson, are all contributors to many outdoor workplace fires.
  • Pressurised Containers. Similarly to material safety, the key to workplace fire prevention when working with pressurised containers is to ensure they are kept in cool designated areas. They must be kept away from active machinery and concealed from direct sunlight to avoid combustion. 

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Why Choose Element Passive Fire Protection

We at Element Passive Fire Protection are a highly accredited and certified company. We conduct reliable fire risk assessments and fire compartmentation surveys across many different premises to help secure their workplace fire prevention procedures. Our team has years of experience within our specialised industry. This has resulted in the numerous highly satisfied clients that we now work with. 

Once our assessments are completed, any areas for improvements are flagged up and documented. To which our team can expertly guide you through the process of reorganising. Our knowledgeable contractors then will come through and implement remedial work to your workplace wherever necessary.

This fire remedial work may include building structural services, internal compartmentation, and fire-resistant construction services. We strive to ensure that our high standards are transitioned across into your business. Our workplace fire prevention services are of a first-rate quality and competitively priced. Find out more about how Element Passive Fire Protection can ensure your safety today.

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Passive fire protection management

With all our services, we use Bolster Systems. Bolster Systems is an electronic management application designed to integrate the installation, documenting and management of fire barrier penetrations and fire-stopping within a building.

Bolster Systems not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

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