Understanding Fire Compartmentation

Fire compartmentation floor and wall plan

Fire safety, especially fire compartmentation, is a critical consideration in any building. Fire compartmentation plays a vital role in containing and preventing the spread of fire.   Whether you are a landlord, resident/tenant, employee or business owner, the concepts of fire compartmentation and fire safety are crucial to understand. At Element PFP, we are committed to…

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Who Is The Responsible Person for Fire Risk Assessments?

who is the responsible person in fire risk assessments confused people

Firstly, What Is a Fire Risk Assessment? Before we discover who is a responsible person in a fire risk assessment, it is important to first understand what exactly a fire risk assessment is. In today’s world, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in any building is of paramount importance. Whether you own a business,…

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Fire Risk Assessment Checklist 2023

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist Fire Extinguisher

Our Latest Fire Risk Assessment Checklist So, What is a Fire Risk Assessment? Fire Risk Assessments can be a daunting prospect for anyone involved, therefore, we have created a fire risk assessment checklist so you can prepare yourself. We want to take the mystery out of our services. These assessments are designed to evaluate the…

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New Update in the Fire Safety Regulations

fire safety regulations fire alarm

The Latest Updates in the Fire Safety Regulations As of January 23rd 2023, a new update has been implemented within the passive fire safety regulations dictated in the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. These updates aim to improve the fire safety standards within blocks of flats, which are intended to be practical, safe, and cost-effective…

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