Fire Door Safety Week – Are You Protected?

By chameleon

17 September 2021

It’s Fire Door Safety Week from the 20th-26th September, and as national fire protection specialists, Element PFP wants to reassert our stance of raising awareness of the essential role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting commercial, public, and residential properties.

Every year, Fire Door Safety Week endeavours to encourage organisations to have fire doors installed. Also, to help root out existing fire doors that are ill-fitted, damaged, or shoddily maintained.

If you haven’t already, learn everything you need about fire doors, including types, fire door installations, installers, and much more.

The Fire Door Safety Toolkit

The Fire Door Safety Toolkit is an invaluable resource, providing tips, news, and guidance around best practices around fire door installations and safety statistics.

The Five Step Fire Door Check

Fire Door Safety Week advises of the following 5 essential checks to be carried out on fire doors.

  1. Check for official CERTIFICATION.
  2. Avoid APERTURES on fire doors as they will void your door’s certification.
  3. GAPS & SEALS should be checked for compliance and maintenance.
  4. Check that your CLOSERS work properly.
  5. Regularly check the general OPERATION of your fire door.

Read more details about the five checks.

Fire Doors for Landlords

Landlords with private rented housing are responsible for fire door safety for their properties and the tenants that live there. You can find out more info here.

Council & Social Housing Fire Doors

For decision-makers within local council and social housing organisations, find out essential fire door info here.

Commercial & Retail Fire Doors

For businesses across all sectors, commercial, industrial, and retail, your responsibility to your employee safety, and indeed public liability must be adhered to. Find out more here.

Fire Doors in Care Homes

Housing vulnerable people calls for fire protection measures like fire door safety. Find out more here.

Hospital Fire Doors

With a huge amount of people inside hospital and health centre facilities, including many that are ill and vulnerable, fire protection and fire doors need to be a top priority. Find out more here.

Hotel Fire Doors

Fire doors for hotels and hospitality venues are an essential part of their fire safety obligations. Find out more here.

Fire Doors for Schools & Education Buildings

In schools, colleges, and universities, young children and young people need to be kept safe from the risks of fire with sufficient fire door installations. Find out more here.

Fire Door Installation Quote

If your organisation would like a new fire door installation, or an existing fire door maintenance and quality check, Element PFP have local fire door installers available. Contact us for a quote or to book today.

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