Our Fire Protection Services

Which Fire Protection Services Are Offered?

Our Fire Protection Services

Investing in appropriate Fire Protection is imperative to keep yourself and others safe should a fire ensue. Here at Element PFP, we specialise in providing our customers with effective Fire Protection Services within the Midlands to train and prepare you should there be a fire emergency.

From Fire Door Installations to Risk Assessments and Passive Fire Protection, we specialise in a range of Fire Protection Services with 100% Project Completion Satisfaction.

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Importance Of Investing In Professional Fire Protection Services

To avoid and guard against the destruction brought on by fire, workplace fire safety is crucial and required. Fire Protection Services lowers the possibility of injuries and building damage that can result from fires. It is essential for everyone's safety who might be inside the building during a fire emergency to develop and implement fire safety measures in the workplace.

Investing in professional Fire Protection Services is important to:

    • Decrease the possibility of customer and employee injury.
    • Minimising building or facility damage.
    • Defend against potential fines.
    • Ensure you don't lose the trust of your clients.
    • Defend the jobs of workers who would lose them if significant building damage occurred.

Fire Protection Services We Provide at Element PFP

Here at Element PFP, we provide a wide variety of passive fire protection services are provided for a range of industries and properties, all of which are third-party accredited. Our Services include:

Certification & O&M’s:

The term "certification" refers to a document that Element Passive Fire Protection may provide to you as a result of being a third-party recognised business under IFC. You will be completely satisfied knowing that we as a company are taking responsibility for all of the fire protection installations finished onsite and that you, the client, are installed in accordance with manufacturer standards.

Compartmentation Surveys:

In order to limit the spread of fire and smoke in the case of an emergency, a fire compartmentation assessment evaluates the value and potential of a property's current fire compartment walls, layout, and surroundings. Following a fire risk assessment that reveals numerous breaches in fire compartment walls, ceilings, and floors, you can be advised to have a fire compartmentation survey.

Fire Door Installations:

It is crucial that fire doors and frames are fitted properly because they are an integral part of a building's fire compartmentation system. Building operators are required by UK law to ensure compliance. Fire doors must be placed appropriately by a qualified individual in order to be successful at containing fire and smoke.

Fire Risk Assessments:

A fire risk assessment is a fire protection service that includes an inspection of your property's interior and exterior that will help you find all the fire hazards and risks it presents. In order to ensure that your premises have suitable and legally compliant fire protection systems in place, a fire risk assessment aims to eliminate or reduce those hazards and risks.

Passive Fire Protection:

Fire protection is the study and practice of lessening the adverse effects of potentially destructive fires. Proactive fire protection measures are being implemented to halt or limit the spread of fire.

Pre/Post Fire Consultancy:

Via our fire consultancy service, we have the chance to talk with you about the fire safety precautions needed for your facilities and how other third-party work being done intersects with what we do.

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Industries That Can Benefit From Our Fire Protection Services

We at Element PFP are glad to provide our expert services to customers across a range of sectors. Regardless of the industry, we can offer all of our Fire Protection Services to your business. We also offer thorough and effective fire safety evaluations and training in order to lower fire threats and ensure that staff members are prepared in case of a fire.

We specialise in working with the private and public sectors all across the UK which include: Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, and Housing.

Get in touch to see how we can help you today! Alternatively, check out our blog on how you can prepare your space for us!

Why Choose Element Passive Fire Protection

We at Element Passive Fire Protection are a highly accredited and certified company. We conduct reliable fire risk assessments and fire compartmentation surveys across many different premises to help secure their workplace fire prevention procedures. Our team has years of experience within our specialised industry. This has resulted in the numerous highly satisfied clients that we now work with. 

Once our assessments are completed, any areas for improvement are flagged up and documented. To which our team can expertly guide you through the process of reorganising. Our knowledgeable contractors then will come through and implement remedial work in your workplace wherever necessary.

This fire remedial work may include building structural services, internal compartmentation, and fire-resistant construction services. We strive to ensure that our high standards are transitioned across into your business. Our workplace fire prevention services are of first-rate quality and competitively priced. Find out more about how our professional fire protection services can ensure your safety today.

IFC Third-Party Accredited
Full Passive Fire Protection Services
100% Project Completion Satisfaction
Highest Compliance Rate
Wide range of consultancy services
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Bolster Element Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection management

With all our services, we use Bolster Systems. Bolster Systems is an electronic management application designed to integrate the installation, documenting and management of fire barrier penetrations and fire-stopping within a building.

Bolster Systems not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

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Certification & O&M’s

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Fire Risk Assessments

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Fire Safety Assessment

Compartmentation Surveys

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Passive Fire Protection

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Fire Door Installations

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Fire Door Installation

Pre/Post Fire Consultancy

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