Regulation Update: Fire Safety in Construction

By chameleon

05 August 2022

Recent Updates on Guidance from Health and Safety Executive

The Third Edition of the Fire Safety in Construction guidance document (HSG168) has been published by HSE (Health and Safety Executive. Created for designers, purchasers and developers within the construction industry, the 102-page document is essential in order to be aware of current legalities relating to fire risks.

Although reported construction-related fire incidents are low, when they do unfortunately occur they tend to be on a much larger scale than in domestic and commercial environments. With generally more people at risk of fire and smoke hazards during construction projects, it is vital for organisations and responsible parties to understand the risks and how best to minimise them.

Fire Safety in Construction HSE Element PFP blog

Planning a Fire-Safe Construction Project

Obviously, construction sites are by their very nature constantly changing throughout the process. Often fire prevention measures are installed later in the construction process, so it is imperative that measures are designed into the project prior to construction taking place.

At the design and procurement stages, the risk to people in and around the construction site, from materials and methods should be accounted for and considered whilst planning the project in order to ensure fire hazard safety.

Thorough risk assessments should be undertaken to identify instances where fire may spread quickly and that evacuation routes are in place.

Fire Safety in Construction – Pre-Planning is Key

The latest HSE guidance on Fire Safety in Construction focuses largely on mitigating the risk of fire in the pre-planning phase. This includes guidance on risk assessments, fire precautions and legal responsibilities.

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As an organisation, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of safety, quality and professionalism. As well as our recent Constructionline Gold accreditation, we have fire safety certification and associations across most major industry bodies:

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Fire Safety in Construction HSE Element PFP blog