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What is Passive Fire Protection?

Fire protection is either 'passive' or 'active.' Active fire protection is measure of fire identification and immediate fire stopping, whereas passive fire protection is the prevention of fire spread.

Both are equally important within any building. Passive fire protection services can help add life-saving minutes to your escape.

Passive fire protection services include compartmentation surveys, fire risk assessments, fire remedial works, pre/post-fire consultancy, and fire door installations.



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The Life Saving Importance of Passive Fire Protection Services

Passive fire protection services are paramount to mitigating the spread of fire and smoke within parts of a building that have been subcategorized into manageable areas of risk, for a defined amount of time.

Passive fire protection services aim to allocate compartments with anywhere between 30 minutes and 4 hours of time for escape.

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Our Fire Protection Services

Certification OMs Element Passive Fire Protection

Certification & O&M’s

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Fire Risk Assessments

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Fire Safety Assessment

Compartmentation Surveys

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Fire Exit

Passive Fire Protection

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Fire Door Installation Element Passive Fire Protection

Fire Door Installations

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Fire Door Installation

Pre/Post Fire Consultancy

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Bolster Element Passive Fire Protection

Easily Manage Your Passive Fire Protection Services

We use Bolster Systems for all of our passive fire protection services. This is a third party, electronic management app which is used to document and manage any fire risk assessment, and firestopping within a building.

This impressive system is easy to use, and conveniently stores a large breadth of data, so you can easily provide proof of your business' fire safety compliance should it be necessary.